Our Treatments

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* Please note, we only take bookings for treatments by telephone, as our therapists like to ensure we are booking the treatment which will be most beneficial to you.
Thai Theraputic Massage (Oil Free)
A massage providing relief for aches, pains and stress related conditions. Releasing muscle tension and increasing flexibility to the neck, back and shoulders.

£30 (30 minutes)
Thai Warm Oil Massage
Enjoy total relaxation with this ancient Thai treatment. Using warm Thai oils this massage works on your neck, back and shoulders leaving you feeling warm, relaxed and stress free.

£30 (30 minutes)
Signature Thai Combination Massage
A perfect combination of the Thai Theraputic Massage and Thai Warm Oil Massage.

£55 (60 minutes)
Advanced Refreshing Facial
Incredibly relaxing, this detailed manipulation increases the circulation and relaxes facial muscles leaving you energised with a healthy glow.

£30 (30 minutes)
Head Massage (Oil Free)
An energising, oil free massage that releases tension in the shoulders, neck, face and head by stimulating vital pressure points.

£30 (30 minutes)
The Teen Experience (13-16 Years)
A perfect experience to help young Spa goers to unwind muscle stresses on the upper back and shoulders or the hands and feet.

£30 (30 minutes)
Traditional Thai Massage (Oil Free)
This ancient Thai treatment removes muscle blocks and restores flexibility. Using palms and stretching techniques with acupressure points to increase circulation and restore energy. Loose Thai clothing provided.

£55 (60 min) / £75 (90 min)
Asian Blend Oil Massage
Enjoy total relaxation with this Asian ritual. Choose your Thai aromatic oil before we perform a combination of Thai and oil massage known as the Asian Blend.

£50 (60 min) / £70 (90 min)
Siam Hot Stones
Profound relaxation for the over stressed. With these unique Hot Stones, experience tension melting away as warm Thai oils and heated Basalt Stones trace your muscles to facilitate healing.

£55 (60 min) / £75 (90 min)
Pregnancy Massage
(From 15 weeks) This massage combines the release of stress and overworked muscles whilst relaxing mum-to-be, it can be adapted to each individual's needs.

£45 (60 min) / £65 (90 min)
Thai Foot Massage (Reflexology)
This gentle, traditional acupressure technique stimulates and refreshes tired feet and lower legs. Excellent post-walking treat or a natural sleeping remedy.

£45 (60 min)